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About us

Al-Zailai Corporation For Poultry is considered as one of the biggest groups that working in poultry field; Al-Zailai Corporation For Poultry is owned by Mr. Abdo Al Zailai & his brothers, he known as “the king of poultry “in Yemen.

Al-Zailai Corporation For Poultry has been started operation on 1995, and now became as a famous economic icon on local and regional level. The corporation head quarter is located at Alhawban – Ta’aiz, and described as the one that has containing biggest poultry related and production projects on Republic of Yemen. The affiliated companies of Al-Zailai Corporation are remarkable spot of Yemen economy due to unique capabilities, well-equipped, and modern techniques. The corporation affiliated companies considered as the most improved companies in the field.

Al-Zailai Corporation For Poultry consists of a number of companies and projects for broiler production, laying chicken production, edible eggs production, and raw materials of feed ingredients for (broilers, poultry mothers, and laying chickens), in addition to concentrates of (broilers, poultry mothers, and laying chickens), also providing different poultry vaccines and medicines.

Al-Zailai Corporation For Poultry is currently acting as a holding company for a group of affiliating companies; the group of projects and affiliating companies that operating in poultry sector currently represented 40% of poultry market, and acquiring the largest market share for broiler chicks’ production, broiler chickens production, beside raw materials market, it also has a distinguished position and excellent reputation, due to the distinctive administrative leadership, flexible administrative structure and outstanding staff.



Providing national high quality products with high standards, with compliance to international standards and quality, and looking forward to leadership for poultry sectors of Yemen and region.


To be pioneers of poultry industry and meet market needs of all poultry industry sectors of chicks, feeds, vaccines, medicines and equipment through continuous development of production and quality level by adopting quality standards to reach clients and company employees satisfaction.

Our Values

  • The commitment and adhere to principles and values of work and production.
  • Supporting continuous development programs for human resources.
  • Promote communication, with employees and clients respect based on equality and transparency.
  • Maintain a healthy, appropriate and well organized environment at different workplaces.
  • Dedicate principle of one team in production, achievement and follow-up.
  • Commitment to support development and improvement through continuous recruitment of high-qualified skills with using high technical equipment in various poultry sectors.
  • Continuous diligent to work in line with international companies of poultry sectors.

Our Objectives

  • Development making in poultry sector and contribute to performance development for reaching small farmers.
  • Supporting expansion of small-scale poultry sector projects to reduce unemployment.
  • Provide national products with high quality standards.
  • Gain employees and clients satisfaction and loyalty of poultry sector.
  • Contribute to strengthening national economy through production of local quality products with international standards.
  • Absorption possible labor to contribute for labor resettlement.
  • Depending on efficient, proficient and high qualified labor.
  • Devote work pride and loyalty increase to affiliating companies of corporation.
  • Follow-up studies and research for corporation work development that allow for expansion of fields that serve poultry industry in Yemen.
  • Focus on human resources through development of high skilled team has the ability to compete in poultry sector.
  • Continuous Improvement: improvement process is always practicing in our group for all sectors level, especially in terms of modern methods experimenting to achieve objectives set for productivity development and diversity.

Technical Team

From responsibility prospective toward our clients, we have formed technical support sector which consists of a group of specialized veterinarians, and trained agricultural engineers for field problems solving of farmers in a professional manner. Technical support team has been trained by experts in various poultry specialties, for easier production process to farmers.

  • Simplifying and meaningful of corporation's products providing at the same time to meet our clients’ needs.
  • Seeking always for clients’ needs and inform corporation management to provide necessary service.
  • Care of our chicks, feed, medicines, vaccines products and technical services.
  • Spreading quality culture and production expansion, which we adopt to obtain an excellent product at the lowest possible cost.
  • Dealing with new clients based on the providing for all necessary economic studies before project starting.
  • Caring for new client and providing all his needs with technical follow-up for all aspects of his project.
  • Necessary active communication between clients each other’s among periodic seminars preparation.
  • Quick response to problem solving that client faced during all farming period.
  • Forming clients complains receiving committee and quick response for answering client’s questions or queries.
  • Moving to clients’ farms for environmental conditions surrounding farms study to identify existing problems in field for finding solutions contribution.
  • Continuous Improvement: improvement process is always practicing in our group for all sectors level, especially in terms of modern methods experimenting to achieve objectives set for productivity development and diversity.

Our Products

Based on projects cycle completion of various poultry sectors, we have been able on our large projects, to achieve our clients aspirations with their different financial and technical capabilities to provide high quality product with a competitive advantage prices, where we offering:

Broiler Mothers for Broiler Checks Production Project

For continues development, and providing a good and reliable source of broiler chicks’ production, it was an obligation for us to establish a project for broiler mothers. Within our mega projects which include several farms for mothers’ herds breeding of the best international breeds, the total capacity of mothers’ herds is about 350,000 broiler mothers, for fertilized hatchery eggs production and for broiler chicks’ production. The corporation is looking to have about 500 thousand of chickens Mothers totally, with 40% increase than current capacity for local market coverage contribution of necessary broiler chicks; the current production capacity of mothers is about 43 million chicks annually.

We always keen to import international breeds that have been proven their adaption to local environmental conditions. These breeds are breeding and supervised by agricultural engineers and veterinarians with great technical expertise in field of mother breeding. They are constantly attending seminars, meetings and travel abroad to maintain their good performance and keep them updated with the latest scientific research related to chickens mothers breeding and management, for that with God thanking our broiler chick has a good reputation in Yemen local market and has the throne of broiler chicks market, due to the care and attention of mothers during breeding and production period. we are doing our best of care to mothers and providing the highest biological security level and concerning about broiler chick at all different stages starting with egg inside mother until completion of hatchery by providing all nutrients and vitamins needed to complete the process of hatchery successfully to get chick with appropriate weight and excellent vitality, in addition to high level of immunizations that inherited from mothers to chicks, that help farmer to achieve maximum possible profitability, therefore hatchery existence was an urgent need.

Hatchery Project

Due to our enormous need to hatchery absorb produced eggs from broiler mothers, we purchased a hatchery with a production capacity of 19 million eggs annually in Al-Barah area, Taiz governorate, then a comprehensive three-phase upgrading have been done, the first phase was to add 3 machines with a capacity of 6 million eggs annually. The second was to add 6 machines with a capacity of 12 million incubation eggs annually. The third phase was to add 12 machines with a capacity of 24 million incubation eggs annually, to keep adaptation with improvement of mothers’ increasing number from broiler mothers’ project. The total production capacity of hatchery is 54 million eggs annually by 2017, to sustain presence of broiler chicks at local market. The hatchery contains all the equipment which aims to maintain quality of resulting chick. Hatchery has fleet of well equipped vehicles for eggs delivery from our farms and chicks delivery from hatchery to our farms or clients’ farms. Hatchery applying modern methods for dealing with incubation eggs, and using high quality disinfectants from international companies, all strict biosecurity procedures are applied in addition to all modern technical methods that maintain incubation eggs quality before and during incubating eggs to keep high level of chick production.

That enhances and leverages our reputation in local market, broiler chick become one of the best chicks traded in Yemeni market. As a result of chicks’ huge size production and reality of our social responsibility towards our nation, we expand and have established offices to manage and follow up broiler chicken around Yemen.

Broiler Chickens Project

For produced chicks accommodation from mothers project, we keen to provide a large number of offices nationwide, each office has a number of farms we owned in addition to our clients’ farms scattered around Republic of Yemen, where the production capacity of that farms is around 40 million broiler chickens annually, these offices allocated to manage and follow up these farms, provide technical & administrative support, evaluate farmers and rehabilitate farmers if needed, we concern for chicken marketing with different weight categories to fulfill all needs of Yemeni citizen and suit all levels of social classes among all governorates of Republic.

Laying Eggs Mothers Project

The administration realized the importance of providing laying eggs chicks in Republic of Yemen (for edible eggs production) for contribution to cover needs of edible eggs of local market, as known that eggs are one of protein important sources necessary for Yemeni citizen of all ages, so we participated to established laying eggs mothers project for laying eggs chicks production, the best laying eggs mothers international breeds have been imported, for laying eggs chicks production with good production capacity, and good weight of eggs with less consumption grams of feed. Our market share of laying eggs chicks is about 30%. These chicks are distributed to edible eggs production project at our farms and clients’ farms.

Edible Eggs Production Project

To absorb most of laying eggs chicks’ production from laying eggs Mothers Project, a project for edible eggs production has been set in our farms. Where we have several farms spread in Ta’aiz province and some other provinces, with capacity of 500,000 (half a million) laying eggs chicken annually, our daily production capacity is more than 1250, the carton contains 12 dishes (360 eggs), and the dish contains 30 eggs, 450,000 eggs per day distributed through our agents nationwide. The remaining laying eggs chicks are distributed to clients, with all guidance and directions and providing technical support requirements of care programs, vaccine programs, and often helping them for eggs marketing.

Medicines and Vaccines Project

Management recognized the importance of having sources for medicines and treatments. The corporation has owned shares of uvidco company, which is one that has prestigious position among Arabic pharmaceutical companies, due to its experience of all medicines types manufacturing, and confidence gained for production safety and chickens healthy safety. In addition to vaccines agencies of international companies (live vaccines, disabled vaccines) for mothers, laying eggs and broilers. These vaccines and medicines presence have been proven due to the good results achieved for poultry sector. That helped a good reputation gain and a very high demand. Our customer care comes first, so we offered a range of treatment and vaccines products to all of our clients’ specialties to maintain their poultry herds and production improve in addition to achieving the highest profitability.

Feed and Raw Materials

Management started poultry industry work with traditional plants of feed production for all owned farms and clients' farms; importing excellent raw materials, which are ingredients of feed industry such as corn and soybeans. The size of imported corn is reaching up to 360 thousand tons / year, while soybean is about 150 tons / year. The corporation has gained excellent trading reputation in local market due to the supply of quality raw materials for feed industry. In recent years, as a result of development and improvement keeping of poultry production field, and based on our responsibility towards citizens, Al-Zilai Corporation for Poultry decided to start construction and installation for the largest plant within Republic of Yemen, it called Al-nokhbah for Feed, Concentrates & Silos Company Limited , the production capacity is (60 tons / hour), the plant located at Hodiedah Port campus with total area of 50 thousand square meters, the plants has 6 silos with storage capacity of (60 thousand) tons of corn, it has also a cement huge with storage capacity of (45 thousand) ton, bulk soybean. Plant is producing broiler granulated feed of different types (primitive and growing and final) also producing concentrates of two various types (broiler concentrates 5% and 10% ,concentrates mothers Concentrates 5% , and laying eggs 5%), for a trail to bridge different feed needs as a result of horizontal and vertical expansion of poultry production field at all governorates and due to the increasing gap between demand and supply of feed, Al-Zailai Corporation for Poultry decided to support poultry production market through establishing another plant in Aden, called Al-mutahedah for Feed & Silos Company, Limited, with production capacity of 20 tons of feed / hour, as the plant has two available Silos with storage capacity of 15,000 tons of corn, in addition it has premixes storage and oil storage for effective participation and meeting farmers needs of feed and concentrates.

Feed manufacturing stages has modern production lines, where Yemeni experts were used, that was a great challenge for us, where completion and installation of all machines done using Yemeni labor, for poultry feed manufacturing, that aims to provide Yemeni consumer with safe feed product, and improve poultry industry using the latest technology and equipment of feed manufacturing such as raw materials detection before processing using computers, also the latest electronic systems for raw materials weighting, which used for feed manufacturing beside systems which maintaining environment. Feed represents 70% of production cost is realized, whether for broiler chicks or laying eggs. As a result for increasing challenges that facing small farms owners and for the purpose of helping clients to achieve high profitability, the administration is keen to provide feed and all raw materials with a good manner due to its prior knowledge (that the best feed selection is the most important decision for farmer).


Al-Zailai Corporation has perfect position and excellent reputation, particularly in poultry sector where high accomplishments achieved during the past few years in this sector through:

  • Establishment of the largest production projects of Poultry Mothers, Broiler, Lay eggs chicken, table eggs.
  • Leadership in providing feeds for poultry sector.
  • Owning the largest feed projects in country.
  • The development and preservation for the largest number of poultry farmers in Yemen.

Mothers and Layer chicken projects

Feed Projects

Broiler and production of edible eggs

Contact us


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